VehicleVirgins VehicleVirgins 04/14/2018 - 05:48pm

Washing Ellie :)

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    Getting read to pick up the European youtube squad!!

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  • Vehicler
    1 month ago 0 G-Pts
    My favorite car, the Toyota Prius. The Huracan might stand up to the Prius for a little bit but in a half mile, the Prius crushes the Huracan.
  • nightmare_mangl3
    1 month ago 0 G-Pts
    i love ellie, I want a lambo horocan when I can drive!!!
  • Z A C K
    2 months ago 0 G-Pts
    What if water sits in your carbon fiber hood when it rains?
  • Nick
    2 months ago 0 G-Pts
    haha funny
  • Like With My Ferrari
    2 months ago 2 G-Pts
    Like my second Ferrari I got yesterday?

  • Tyben
    2 months ago 4 G-Pts
    Haha, you still have the Uber sticker on! I just realized that.
  • A7X_foREV3r
    2 months ago 1 G-Pts
    I'll give you all my money for her and I definitely have more than $120.