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Project car idea! Lifted mercedes

Or literally anything lifted


Project car ideas: the ultimate sleeper

Take something like an old merc or Volvo wagon and just go crazy. I think it would be pretty sick


Tesla plaid mode!!!

Tesla dropped a bombshell at their Semi Truck event with a "one more thing moment" as they revealed the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster. I placed a deposit on the $200,000 car while at the event and went for an amazing test ride. Tesla Roadster Specs are nothing short of incredible...


Throwback to the first time I saw a 918

NY AUTO SHOW 2014. Seems like just yesterday...


Thoughts on a matte silver wrap?

I’m thinking of wrapping my w204 Mercedes in matte silver. I want something that’s not too showy and I think matte silver is a good choice. Any other color suggestions?


This car is so stupid... does anyone have 100k lying around??? Please

It makes no sense, but I want one


Amg, Alfa or m3

It’s Alfa for me followed closely by amg