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Project car ideas: the ultimate sleeper

Take something like an old merc or Volvo wagon and just go crazy. I think it would be pretty sick


Tesla plaid mode!!!

Tesla dropped a bombshell at their Semi Truck event with a "one more thing moment" as they revealed the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster. I placed a deposit on the $200,000 car while at the event and went for an amazing test ride. Tesla Roadster Specs are nothing short of incredible...


Throwback to the first time I saw a 918

NY AUTO SHOW 2014. Seems like just yesterday...


Thoughts on a matte silver wrap?

I’m thinking of wrapping my w204 Mercedes in matte silver. I want something that’s not too showy and I think matte silver is a good choice. Any other color suggestions?


This car is so stupid... does anyone have 100k lying around??? Please

It makes no sense, but I want one


Amg, Alfa or m3

It’s Alfa for me followed closely by amg




Potential wrap?

Im thinking the wrap shouldn't be too "in your face." Maybe something like this or even a bit darker? Anyone agree?