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  • realdutchmaster
    3 days ago 0 G-Pts
    Anyone catch the red M coupe that trolled from 8:04 until 11:34? M coupe, 720s, Parker, and Alejandro! Great video. I like the potential format of talking with the owners too.
  • jedmar9
    4 days ago 0 G-Pts
    Don't want to be nosy but where is your girlfriend?
  • WilliamKjornes
    4 days ago 1 G-Pts
    Parker! Can you add in one of your new videos a clip of you rolling at 60mph and flooring it? But from the camera angle as if I was a passenger in a car next to you and saw it happen! Or from 30mph.
  • AJ-Mac
    4 days ago 0 G-Pts
    "What else runs the quarter mile under 10 seconds stock?" ...
    ... a $90,000 Dodge built on an old Mercedes chassis
  • sfsmith
    4 days ago 0 G-Pts
    What an incredible supercar . . .
  • Jonathan1003
    4 days ago 1 G-Pts
    Yeah this is an awesome way to review cars bringing the owner in afterwards !
  • Nickcage
    4 days ago 1 G-Pts
    love the colab review!
  • Sclutch
    4 days ago 1 G-Pts
    I love this car!
  • Joelabreu23
    4 days ago 3 G-Pts
    really wanna see a 4 by 4 review
  • MikkAasmaa
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    Love the review Parker
  • Killab213
    5 days ago 1 G-Pts
    Dope car
  • RaulLasVegas
    5 days ago 1 G-Pts
    It funny seeing Alejandros face when you're accelerating. He also looks tiny in this video. How small is he? :-) The format is good. I like that you have time without the owner, but I also like hearing the owners knowledge because they have lived with the vehicle. What was going on with the sensors?
    • VehicleVirgins
      4 days ago 0 G-Pts
      He's not actually that small haha! The sensors are covered by the wrap the car has
  • SumTingWong
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    Great vid. I do like the idea of having the owner ride with you at the end, giving their personal opinions on the car since they’ve experienced it more.... but maybe I just like watching Alejandro’s videos and you colabing with him just makes it that much better.
  • cooperoconnell8
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    It was awesome meeting you today... great review!
  • Numbr5
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    Thanks for the gravity points Parker......
  • Tvk89
    5 days ago 1 G-Pts
    730S with no Points
  • jake.yocum
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    I still think this would be an awesome addition to your garage Parker, but I would understand why you would wait for the LT. Hell of a car and if you threw an exhaust kit on here I think it could meet your exhaust standards :) Keep up the awesome work
  • RANorthcutt
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    Didn't see any gravity points on this video. Looks like somebody forgot to drop them in there LOL
  • Ecatano79
    5 days ago 0 G-Pts
    No gravity points for this video??
  • craigo_L
    5 days ago 2 G-Pts
    I love purple on the 720S.