10 Car Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

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  • Bimmerlover98
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    The last one is actually insane!! but I don't think that would work with the BMW key because its not a fob
  • wannabeamg
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    I think you got the definition of lane splitting confused with switching lanes. In certain states lane splitting is permitted with a motorcycle. I don't know the exact rules but at some congested areas a motorcycle can ride the middle between cars. That's lane splitting.
  • IGi P 17
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    I seen the key fob hack on top gear years ago but they didn't go in dept with it and they didn't use a water bottle so that's some new. Good video. I got a small dent on one of my cars. going to try that plunger thing latee
  • Jeffchojnacky
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Putting an old towel on your windshield the night before works good to prevent frost too
  • MTB DH Racer
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Key fob hack is brilliant - now that’s using your noggin! haha
  • sirlarkspur2
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    how about this one to get a cheap pagani scream PORKER at a mirror three times in the dark and a cheap pagani will come to your home
  • mujjuman
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    i wonder what the avg age of likegravity members is vs his yt subs
  • Patrick87
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    The last one is great!
  • JiroKitsune
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    The key fob hack is amazing!
  • GT3aval5gray0
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    I use the last one occasionally. Definitely the most useful of the lot.
  • Bludvids
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    East sun defrost helps out for sure
    • rpoolecrsp
      8 months ago 1 G-Pts
      Unless one is a little further North and the sun actually doesn't actually do a whole lot of warning for most of the winter!
  • RedLine Customs
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    gonna watch the video now
  • LDog
    8 months ago 2 G-Pts
    I've actually been using the last hack for a while now. Hella useful but you look like a psycho doing it in public. Oh well!
  • Reecard
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Parker, I have been using the head thing for years for the remote! But strangely enough, my friends never believed me. Thanks for reconfirming!