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  • Tank21
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Just a sweet ride, wife wants one! Santa might come early!
  • Ascended
    10 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Really like elements of the design, the front & side profile both look great and the interior, lovely, but there some are issues, the styling for the rear just seems to be a little off and the previous generations of this car, whilst innovative at the time of launch haven't aged all that well.

    Although, whilst it's unlikely anyone would be truly disappointed with a new CLS, paying a premium for one over the already excellent Mercedes E class is hard to justify and personally, I'd probably just choose the stunning new Audi A7 instead.

  • raphael.j
    10 months ago 3 G-Pts
    Love The new A8L it think it looks so nice !

  • MEbart
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    I know someone who bought a 2016 maybach s600 and has never once ridden in the back seat. He even road in the front passenger seat the two times I’ve driven him in it...
  • jake.yocum
    10 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Also, will Audi be doing a public A7 unveil?
  • jake.yocum
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Parker- is the new Mercedes Gt sedan going to be based on the CLS body? If that's the case, why would they offer an amg version of this when the gt sedan is present?
  • tomcollett65
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Can't wait to see the AMG S version! It is my latest "dream car"
  • anaswarjayakumar
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    The AMG version of the new CLS should definitely be the S Class replacement
  • Joelabreu23
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    hopefully salomondrin will let you drive the project 1. any news on the 4 by 4 review?
  • sfsmith
    10 months ago 2 G-Pts

  • MarkF
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    The CLS is my favorite Mercedes, I loved how the back curved down with the beautiful taillights on the old gen and the new one looks even more stunning! They are doing a great job with this car <3
  • jjt41473
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Love the new Alpha... May see mine in the near future...

    • MEbart
      10 months ago 0 G-Pts
      Are you getting one? I love those cars!
  • AMGbro
    10 months ago 0 G-Pts
    I think the older generation CLS looks better, but the new interior is definitely top notch.
  • 5
    10 months ago 1 G-Pts
    That Project 1 is hands down my favorite car there.