How to take EPIC Photos of your car!

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  • Judd G
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
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  • RobinUtah
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    I was a pro photographer for years, had to quit because of back and leg problems. I photographed models and did some clothing catalogs. I liked to photograph cars too, just for fun. I was more into classic cars though, loved the Shelby Cobra.

    If I were putting together a kit for serious car photography it would be with a wide angle zoom like the Canon 24-105 f4 as sort of an all around lens. Then I'd get a tele zoom like the 70-200 f2.8 or a fixed 180mm f2.8 Nikkor which is even better. I'd get a super wide 14mm or 16 mm for shooting up close or getting a spectacular background. I'd finish up with a longer 300 to 600 mm super tele for at the track or those long country roads, and maybe something more exotic like a macro lens for close-ups or a tilt and shift lens to get fantastic depth of field. (if you can't afford all of that, you can rent lenses and other gear from a local photo store like Samy's or there are a couple online places for lenses.

    I'd have multiple strobes with triggers (built-in or add on) handy to light interiors and exteriors, fill in shadows, create specular highlights. You could go either smaller AA battery powered strobes with external battery packs, or more studio like strobes that have external packs like the Elinchrom, C-stands w arms, light modifiers for the strobes, reflectors to fill in shadows or flags to block a light source.

    Nowadays you can get by without some gear like the tilt and shift lens and do focus stacking with the camera for insane depth of field, and you can bracket exposures and do HDR to capture more of the highlights and shadows without losing detail in the highlights or getting noise in the shadows.

    Then there are filters. I'd used a Cokin and later a Lee filter holder with a bellows lens hood and numerous filters starting with a Circular Polarizer (a good one with really neutral grey color, some brands can have a greenish color or warmish cast), ND filters ranging from 4 stops to 8 or 16 stops,

    I always shot in RAW format. Usually set to portrait mode for lower contrast to capture the most data in the image. Thom Hogan talks a lot about getting as much info as you can on the RAW file, so it gives you more data to manipulate for the final image in Photoshop or similar programs. There are other photographers who go by 'get it right in the camera'. Both are good, use the one that fits your workstyle. For still subjects, landscapes, interiors, I bracket my shots, 2-3 stops.

    When shooting with a high pixel count camera, ie 12-18 MB or higher, you have to watch your aperture setting, don't stop down too much or you'll start losing image sharpness due to diffraction. On my wonderful little 24MP Sony a6000 I don't go any lower than f8, after that the image sharpness goes downhill. On a 36MP camera you'd probably be stuck shooting at f4 or f5.6 max.

    I have a couple of photographer friends who shot for car magazines, Dick DeLoach and Marco Patino who could give you much better advice.

    Last thing, clothing. If I were shooting something reflective I'd usually wear something black or dark gray, much like your photographer friend in this video. You can wear white and use it as a sort of reflector to fill in shadows. Go solid colors any pattern will show up easily.

    Other goofy things, like a broom to sweep away footprints in dirt or leaves and trash elsewhere. Cleaning supplies, window cleaner, microfiber cloths, quik spray detailer, tire shine, metal and plastic cleaner, all to make the car spotless inside and out. You could even go blackout cloths on the inside to make the windows look really dark but some might not like the effect. And gaffers tape, lots of gaffers tape. You can also paint white panels with things like the shadow line of a range of hills to show up in reflection instead of the real environs. Go for simple backgrounds, the simpler the better IMHO, because a busy background distracts the eye from the subject.

    Okay, I'm doing like Parker, and stayed up way too late. It's past 2:30am.

    The image is an old one of mine from 2000.

    • RobinUtah
      7 months ago 1 G-Pts
      I know about the problem with the placement of her forward hand straight onto the camera and fingers spread out. This was a test Polaroid so I didn't care.
  • Mvke13
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Are we getting more wallpapers? I’m excited for the new hood to be installed on the lambo!!
  • VehicleVirgins
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    so sorry to hear that! can you submit this complaint through the contact form on the online website? I’ll make sure it gets taken care of
  • Weesnaw
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    I’ll be honest I tried to contact the apps developers (whether it may be you or not) through the app, and it’s been two weeks since but still no response. this app is taking my money without giving me the pro membership I’m paying for.
  • crazypetpurson
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Hello Mr. Nirenstein! My name is Max, and if you can remember, you saw me with my mom in our BMW 335i GT, near Ogara Coach. Since I live locally, and I am a huge fan of yours, I was wondering if there would be any possibility of properly meeting you. Thank you and have a nice day!
    • VehicleVirgins
      7 months ago 1 G-Pts
      Great seeing you today! I’ll be sure to let you know if there’s going to be any upcoming meet ups!
  • Gerbsman
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    these tips and tricks help out a lot, thanks!!
  • 5
    7 months ago 2 G-Pts
    Honey is installed. Much thanks Parker.
  • raphael.j
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    And a other little trick use a polarizing filter when you shoot cars , That removes the most reflexions and raises the contrast .
    • JiroKitsune
      7 months ago 1 G-Pts
      Agreed. I started using ND filters and really like the results.
  • Cartern21
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    can he shoot photos of my Chevy spark 🤣😣 I want that z4 Parker to have some thrill in my life again! 😍
  • C Reilly
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    The speeds at which your Huracan enters and exits turns is stupendous
  • cooperoconnell8
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Loved the video, are you ever going to do a subscriber meet up event in LA?
  • Alexander Major
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    AMG GT or F Type R?