Leaked: New Porsche GT3RS!!

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  • Joeyriverside1991426
    7 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Z4 come to riverside please!!!!!!!! I love Z4!!!!!!! I need bro bro👍🏽🤘🏽😩🌍🤠
  • mstngmn11
    7 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Not sure why you are charging $22 for pro membership. Still getting ads on videos and not able to earn points anywhere on site. what a garbage operation.
  • Maverick17
    7 months ago 0 G-Pts
    o paid for your pro member ship and I can’t even see this video WTF Parker! Fix your Site...
  • Judd G
    7 months ago 2 G-Pts
    great! loved it! New subscriber here. I Can't tell if I'm giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down. I'm on my phone and it's very confusing.
  • C Reilly
    7 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Had me hype for a 3 pedal RS
  • cooperoconnell8
    8 months ago 1 G-Pts
    Loved the video... There should be a car channel on YouTube or TV specifically dedicated to car news. Maybe you and salomondrin as the hosts? Also, are you going to sunset GT this weekend Parker?
  • xana31
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    love it. I used to not like Porsche. but after researching the GT3RS I fell in love with it. the capabilities of is unexplainable.
  • Mpuar
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    damn this is sick!
  • 5
    8 months ago 2 G-Pts
    I spit out my drink when you said the brake job on the Mclaren is 70k.

  • jcdives
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    German engineering at it's best. C'mon Parker get one of these babies and track it for us to enjoy!!!
  • brennansmith141
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    so amazing, even though it hasn't changed much
  • Solo
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    that is sex
  • Jeffrey1103
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    You should do more vlog type videos. That's why I started watching you again and became a pro member as well.
  • TheronOmega
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    1) Win the lotto.
    2) Buy a P1
    3)Drive the P1
    5)Smiles per miles income increases exponentially.
  • Exodus603
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Love it , can't wait to see more vids to come !
  • Silveredwings
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    The 924 Turbo had a NACA vent in 1979. Just sayin'...
    • Silveredwings
      8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Yes keep doing these videos! Updates are awsome!
  • raphael.j
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    That Gt3 RS in Green looks savage i love it ! If i can afford it i would order it with the 7 speed PDK in green ! I'm enjoing this type of car update videos ! Keep up that amazing work ! Keep be awesome !
  • MikkAasmaa
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    love these types of videos, vlogs and reviews too!
    • ab17
      8 months ago 0 G-Pts
      me too!
  • Alpha_Dawg625
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    That McLaren looks down right menacing. Parker your videos always teach new so much and keeps me updated with the car world
  • MTB DH Racer
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Very informative - bet somebody got yelled at for posting info that was not supposed to be posted.... oooops
  • LDog
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    Porsche is Porsche, but regardless of precious performance, I say a manual transmission is a mandatory option in any sports car. You're missing half the fun with an automatic.
    • Judd G
      7 months ago 0 G-Pts
      Not these days with the speed of the paddle shifters. Any amateur-ish can shift about as quick if not quicker with a paddle shifter than a professional can with a stick, Plus with a paddle shifter u never miss a shift either, it's just as fun & easier too
  • Bf94387
    8 months ago 0 G-Pts
    I Like the angular vents on the rear, they give it a real mean look.